On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 05:11:24PM +0100, Mark wrote:
> I must be misunderstanding something. In the man for "ndc", I read:
> querylog
>        Causes named to toggle the ``query  logging''  fea-
>        ture,  which while on will result in a syslog(3) of
>        each incoming query (uses the WINCH signal.)   Note
>        that query logging consumes quite a lot of log file
>        space.  This directive may also be given as qrylog
> Odd, I used this, then did a "ndc status", and it says: "query logging is
> ON". Except that I do not see my queries appear in /var/log/messages. Where
> are they supposed to go?

They go to your queries channel.

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