On 2007-01-05 18:16, Josef Grosch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out how, using cvsup, to pull a specific patch
> release. For example, FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE-p14. I've tried using the date
> of a specific patch from /usr/src/UPDATING but that does not work.

Using dates is certainly a possibility, but you have to be a bit careful
about the date format.  CVSup will accept dates of the format:



YYYY = year
mm   = month
dd   = month day [01..28, 01..30 or 00..31, depending on the month]
HH   = hours
MM   = minutes
SS   = seconds

The format is also described in the manpage of cvsup:

#    date=[cc]yy.mm.dd.hh.mm.ss
#        This specifies a date that should be used to select the
#        revisions that are checked out from the CVS repository.  The
#        client will receive the revisions that were in effect at the
#        specified date and time.
#        At present, the date format is inflexible.  All 17 or 19
#        characters must be specified, exactly as shown.  For the years
#        2000 and beyond, specify the century cc.  For earlier years,
#        specify only the last two digits yy.  Dates and times are
#        considered to be GMT.  The default date is `.', which means
#        ``as late as possible''.

Thus, you can update to a particular date *within* the RELENG_4 branch,
by using both a tag=RELENG_4 and a date=2007. :)

Please note that the dates specified in date=YY.mm.dd.HH.MM.SS format
are in UTC, so if you are living in a different timezone, some
adjustments may be necessary.

- Giorgos

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