Steve Franks wrote:
This is why no one ever got fired for buying an IBM as the old adage goes.
My ancient Dell laptop had absolutely no install issues, so I bought a fresh
disk for my shiny new compaq:

Behavior is identical off of 6.1-current cd or install to ad0 that was
completed from cd safemode boot.  She runs fine in safemode from acd0 or
ad0.  Regular startup - see vga0 go by sucessfully, then

timcounter TSC...
....ticks at 1 milliseconds....

then locks up tight.  I tried disabling the line after vga0 in
boot/device.hints, but those of you who know what that is know, I'm sure,
that that turns my system into a peperweight.

I also tried boot with acpi disabled, but that seems to lock up identically
on tsc.

Wish I had more info, but that's all I can glean without more help.  Had to
put the origonal harddisk with winXP back in.  No one wants that ;)  Save


Sounds similar to the problem my Compaq has/had. I found that the following advice, posted to questions@ some time ago, worked for me:

> Interrupt the kernel loading process, then:
> set hint.sio.0.disabled=1
> set hint.sio.1.disabled=1
> set hint.atkbd.0.flags=0x9

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