I'm trying to debug some panics on my system, and the section in the
handbook that goes over kernel debugging points to
/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KERNEL as the location of kernel.debug. But I don't
have this file there. I only have 'kernel'. There is another section in the
faq, that addresses getting a kernel.debug by using the 'old method'
of recompiling the kernel. It's the one that involves using
/usr/sbin/config, make depend, make, make install, which I don't even think
is covered in the current handbook anymore. Is this section of the faq out
of date?
(here's the link

I've obtained a vmcore file, and now I just need kernel.debug.

Is there a way to get this file using the new make procedure for kernels?
Can I just use the 'kernel' file, or is there a difference between 'kernel'
and 'kernel.debug'? Thanks for any help ~ Chris

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