> I'm trying to debug some panics on my system, and the section
> in the handbook that goes over kernel debugging points to
> /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KERNEL as the location of kernel.debug.
> But I don't have this file there. I only have 'kernel'.

Just in case this was not obvious, "KERNEL" there is meta-linguistic.
Yours might be in GENERIC, MYKERNEL, etc. -- the same place where
you built the currently-running kernel.  If you're running the
original CD-installed kernel, I suppose the corresponding place
would be GENERIC (but I don't know offhand whether the standard
install includes GENERIC/kernel.debug -- if not, perhaps it should).

> Can I just use the 'kernel' file, or is there a difference
> between 'kernel' and 'kernel.debug'?

The code and data are the same, but 'kernel.debug' also contains
debugging records (symbols, source line references, etc).
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