Hello All

I'm using a USB mouse on my 4.7-RELEASE box and I'm seeing strange 
behavior. In short, when I boot the system, I need to immediately 
'shutdown now' to single-user mode and then 'exit' back to multiuser mode 
to get the mouse to work.

When the machine first boots, X will not load as /dev/ums0 is busy. lsof 
and cat return:

# cat /dev/ums0
cat: /dev/ums0: Device busy
# lsof | grep ums
moused     97    root    3u  VCHR      111,0        0t0      40 /dev/ums0

Now, the only moused line I have in /etc/rc.conf is:


and yet it's still running after system boot. Somehow bouncing to 
singleuser mode and then back clears it up. How can I debug this? Where is 
moused getting started? Note that once I come back to multi-user lsof 
shows no processes using /dev/ums0 and X starts just fine.

Thanks - JB

PS: The 'cat /dev/ums0' trick I got from the Internet. When it's working, 
if you cat the device and move the mouse around you get a lot of gibberish 
in the terminal, it's a quick device test.

#  John Bleichert 
#  http://vonbek.dhs.org/latest.jpg

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