Hi together,
I found this message and I need help for this card to with all docs and 
firmware updates!!
Manfred Hawranke

Re: Teletronics wlan 200mW card supported under 5.x?

Nikolas Britton
Mon, 16 Oct 2006 13:36:46 -0700

On 10/16/06, Gordon Pedersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

    Has anyone got the Teletronics XI-325HP 200mW PRISM 2.5-based PCMCIA card
    to work under freebsd 5.4, which I currently run?  or 6.x?

    The Teletronics XI-325HP 200mW PRISM 2.5-based PCMCIA card is
    high on my list of possible cards with external antenna jacks to buy.

    Older reports say they had to flash firmware back to 1.5.6 on
    the card to get it working under Freebsd 4.x.  Current firmware
    as sold now appears to be 1.8.4 or higher.  Seems like a big
    jump backwards to take.

Thats a rebranded zcom card, should have RP-MMCX antenna connector. It
depend what you want to do with the card?, IIRC secondary firmware
1.8.4 / primary 1.1.1 doesn't support hostap mode... IIRC you'll have
to reflash it with secondary 1.7.4 ~ 1.4.9 (I forget which is best) to
get hostap mode working. I have all the firmware, utilites, and docs
if you need them. Secondary firmware 1.7.4 and up supports WPA and
1.3.7 and up supports Prism 3 chipsets. I forget which firmwares
supports 802.11d but I know 1.8.4 does. I think I have the secondary
firmware changelog up to 1.4.9, primary firmware changelog up to 1.1.0
and a 2003 version of the driver programmers manual."
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