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> > This is more of a question geared towards your mail server application than 
> > FreeBSD. You should check your mail logs. If you want better advise, you 
> > may want to provide more information on what mail server are you running, 
> > and what did you do to prevent SMTP relay.
> I am using sendmail. It will not allow open relaying. What I would
> like to know is
> how I can separate legitimate emails in the log from spam. All that
> appears is the from:
> <email> and the to:<email>.

Look at one of the spam emails and review the headers to see how it's
getting delivered.

> In the past I have seen separate SMTP servers installed by viruses on
> windows boxes
> which are spamming away -independent- of sendmail. I have blocked port
> 25 from all
> my connected windows boxes, but will that take care of it?

Who knows.  You first have to determine how the problem is occurring.  The
block you've implemented is a good idea -- I think everyone should do it
as a matter of course, but there's no guarantee that it will fix your
particular problem until you know what that problem is.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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