On 09/01/07, Dak Ghatikachalam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Freebsd

I am using ksh93 shell as my login shell
each and everytime

I do set -o vi

and perform some commands

it simply dumps ksh93.core
 file and crashed whole terminal session,

I have been having this problem everrsince I changed my login shell from
/bin/sh to /bin/ksh which is symbolic link of ksh93 executable I compiled
off the freebsd /usr/ports/

I wonder if anyone has similar issues with this ksh or am I doing something
It doesn't matter what you do with your shell, it simply shouldn't crash.
if you like it, and you would like continue using it, I suggest you
try to get a working binary. ksh93 hasn't changed since 20060214
(according to freshports.org), so I guess you're working with the most
recent version already.
What you should try is to rebuild this port without any optimization
set in /etc/make.conf.
Please comment any CFLAGS= and CPUTYPE= and do a make reinstall.
This should result in a i386 binary without any optimization. Try
using it, maybe the core dump is gone. There are several ports out
there that don't like being built with optimization.

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