Dan Nelson wrote:
In the last episode (Jan 09), DAve said:
The developers response, for those who are interested.

hi Dave,
        the initiator for iSCSI will hit stable/current real soon now.
that was the good news, now for the down side:
what was missing all along was recovery from network disconnects, so
while I think I have it almost worked out, I've come across a major
flow in the iscsi design:
        when the targets crashes, and comes back, there is no way
to tell the client to run an fsck. This is not a problem if the
client is mounting the iscsi partition read only.


Why should the client need to do an fsck?  From its point of view it
should just look like the target had the iSCSI equivalent of a bus
reset.  It should resend any queued requests and continue.

That was my thought as well. I have my pop toasters all mounting a NFS mail store and when NFS goes away I don't have my NFS clients doing a fsck when the mount returns.

Not sure if that is important as iSCSI is all new to me, still reading up on it. Does FreeBSD do anything special to a NFS mount when it returns?

Should I subscribe to the SCSI list to continue this thread?


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