Thanks ... I think the 'rehash' command does help a bit... at least now, when I 
type 'nmap', I can see the help manual (before this, there was just error msg). 
However, now, when I type 'nmap', (where is the PC 
that I wanted to scan) ... I got the message ... 

'Limiting closed port RST response from 283 to 200 packets/sec'

May I know how do I get nmap to scan the computer?


Linux Quest

Niclas Zeising <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 On 1/9/07, linux quest 

> After running nmap for some time, I have got problem running a simple command 
> of nmap ... like


> nmap

> nmap: Command not found


> I think there is something wrong with my installation procedures. I type in 
> "make install clean" command in /usr/local/bin/nmap and 
> /usr/ports/security/nmap - but somehow I still see the "command not found" 
> message.


> I have also typed in "make deinstall clean" on both of the directory 
> location, restart the OS, and install everything again using the "make 
> install clean" command (on both of the directory location) - but I still 
> receive the same "nmap: Command not found" message.


> Thanks for the help :)


> Regards,

> Linux Quest

>  __________________________________________________

Have you tried running "rehash" after the install? If you're using

[t]csh this is nessesary to make the shell discover new commands.

You only need to do "make install clean" in ports/security/nmap, not

in local/bin/nmap.




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