Jerry McAllister wrote:
On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 08:17:21AM -0800, Josef Grosch wrote:

On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 10:44:36AM -0500, Jerry McAllister wrote:
On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 12:01:51AM -0600, Nikolas Britton wrote:

On 1/9/07, Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

FreeBSD is created and supported by volunteers.
Seems like you just posted a nice list of things
for you to get busy and contribute.
I don't have time to contribute work, I have a business to manage as
well as other obligations that come first... I need this stuff to just
work... so I can get real things done.
There are many ways to contribute.  Not all are writing code.
Some are in documentation and in other services.   And, although
it is a volunteer project, it does require money to support such things as servers and test machines and network access.

If you only want to get something for nothing, then you live
in the wrong world.
Hear, hear.

Nikolas, there are many things that FreeBSD need, a large number of them do
not require programming. As a Christian here is a saying that I'm sure you
are familiar with, "It's better to light one candle than to curse the
darkness". So brother Nikolas, what candles have you lit today? You
certainly have produced a lot of smoke.

One of the things you could have done instead of wasting your and our time
on this thrash is to sit down a write a detailed description of some of the
things you find lacking in FreeBSD. By detailed I mean a series of bullet
points that describe what is the problem, what you tried, what your setup
was, OS version, hardware configuration, etc.

Yes, for sure.   Making a _well documented_ list of things that
could be improved in or added to FreeBSD is another good way of
contributing.   Just remember that not everyone may agree with
your list of needs.  Some of those items may be seen by others
as a step in the wrong direction, regardless of how well documented.
But, at least a thorough description of a perceived need will be
a worthy contribution and a starting point for serious discussion.
Whining about people not doing your work for you for free will not
lead to serious useful discussion.


  This would be a whole lot
more helpful than standing on a street corner and screaming, "FreeBSD is
FUCKED! Linux is taking over!"
As for the comments made in regard to Linux, I think it's just because of the widespread use in various distros and the range of use for individuals--from newbies to tech savvy admins / hackers. FreeBSD is mainly designed for those who are more into diving into manuals (which is a plus I've noticed over Linux when I started using FreeBSD 3 years ago).

FreeBSD has improved, but as many have mentioned there is a long way to go with many things. Making a centralized list of things which should be changed and submitting it to the FreeBSD folks would be helpful. Furthermore, some of the goals/milestones can be made available for several projects, one of which is Google's Summer of Code project (this will be the third year running). Various changes were made by "volunteers" and by having a list of things which should be modified, FreeBSD can be better made into a finalized product.

So, instead of fighting one another--personally and otherwise, why don't we combine our thinking in order to make a good OS even better :)?

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