"George Vanev" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I installed isc-dhcpd and it is working fine.
> But I don't want to hardcode the nameservers in the dhcpd.conf,
> because my ISP is changing them sometimes.
> It would be perfect if there is a way dhcpd to read the nameservers
> from /etc/resolv.conf

Not exactly, but you can have the dhclient rewrite the dhcpd.conf when
it gets new nameservers.  I used to do this; I ran it from
dhclient-exit-hooks, and it was a simple sed(1) command.  For a long
time, I've been running my own local caching nameserver, and directing
the DHCP clients to that, but I could dig out my old script if you
have trouble with it.  Although I would suggest you also consider
setting up your own local caching nameserver; the caching behaviour
can be a noticeable speed boost.
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