Hi All,

Step one was collecting the data, Step two is to somehow get the info into a

I am monitoring a serial port's CTS line, and need to get the fact that it's
changed state logged into the DB.

I can use C and/or PHP.  Perl is beyond me :-(  (I have trouble enough just
trying to add Perl modules).

The C program runs continuously, monitoring the CTS bit, so I thought it
would be nice to dump the info straight into the MySQL DB.

As a backup, I suppose, I could dump the 'date/time' and 'CTS-Open-Closed'
into a text file, then once a day, run a PHP script to import the files
contents into the MySQL DB.  However, that means I wouldn't get any live

I know there is the MySQL++ project, but I had problems trying to get that
to function, and my C++ knowledge is negligible.

Any help, or tips would be grateful.


Paul Hamilton

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