I think it is about time that FREEBSD OS gets the act together  by
integrating  all the plugins for firefox.

I have been trying to make these plugins work,

not sure what more we need  countering all plugins for firefox

which could make work all, right now I could only view the video in cnn.com.

Others like ABC news, google video, youtube, msnbc.ocm,  and so many other
news networks, in general anything   the videos from web browser are not

either it is expecting the flash player ( I configured this but does not
seem to work) or shockwave player

I found this  linux tutorial giving some insight

This is such a big deal, that we could not view any videos in firefox,

I have compiled the mplayer, but that makes he cnn.com work not sure the
same mplayer can be used in the place of  all those plugins out here.

and then there is that big discussion I see in freebsd last month



On 1/10/07, Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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Scott Mitchell wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 02:32:41PM -0800, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> Scott and Nikolas,
>>      I'll try to get the linuxplugin-wrapper port to work with Flash9
>> for Linux and then I'll submit the change upstream to the maintainer. I
>> too am tired of the fact that Flash is so ubiquitous, but don't have
>> much choice but to get it working.
>>      Aw well.. when in Rome, one must do as the Romans do.. even if
>> it involves "hideous" plugins/content :).
> Garrett,
> That would be cool - I've not tried anything newer than Flash 7,
although I
> guess there wasn't anything newer until recently, for Linux
anyway.  Would
> be great if you could get it to work.
> I've just noticed that there's a www/opera-linuxplugins port that
> to install Opera 9.10 with the necessary configuration tweaks to use
> plugins.  It should just be a matter of installing that, then adding the
> install dirs of the various plugins to Opera's plugin path...
> Cheers,
>       Scott

Yup, I know. I'll take a look into the opera linuxplugin wrapper port
too so I can get both Mozilla and Opera sync'ed. I should start work
sometime this weekend because I need to finish off another project
(Javascript / HTML-based installer and package updater for work) before
I move to California.

Speaking of which, any Windows admins on this list want me to post the
source for the installer / updater / package manager on sourceforge? It
may come in handy. I don't expect anyone to use it for Unix since
scripting in Unix is excellent already, but I'm going to automatically
add in Windows support and maybe Mac OSX support as well, but that's
iffy.. I'm only going to working for my IT firm for a while, so support
would be beer-based funding, if anyone's interested :D.

- -Garrett
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