Andrea Venturoli wrote:
Jeff Royle wrote:

I've had freezes as you describe on two different servers with ahd and SMP. The solution was to turn SMP off, unfortunately :(

I don't think I'm ready to turn SMP off just yet.

Are these Xeon's?  If so you might want to try disabling Hyper-threading

.. but I'll try disabling Hyper-threating.
And yes they are Xeon's, the Nocona version.

No. In my case one is an Athlon64 and the other an Opteron.

FYI - I have used that particular controller successfully on several servers recently so I don't think that should be a overall issue for you.
Thank you for your vote of confidence on this. I really think this is a drive issue or a drive/drive compatibility issue due to the weird results I'm getting on "camcontrol tags" command. BTW camcontrol defects shows 0 defects.

In my case the controller is slightly different (29320), but I think the driver is the problem.
I'm running a 29160 on a 4.9FB (dual Xeon) machine and it has been rock solid for 1.5years.
It used to work flawlessly as long as I run 5.x, but started freezing as soon as I upgraded to 6.1.
Notice, however, that I don't have data to support my thesis yet.


Thanks again
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