Sahil Tandon writes:

Francisco Reyes wrote:

Have a server  with 3 large filesystems.
I would like to have only one checked by fsck and mounted.
The other two I want to fsck and mount manually.

Is it enough to change options to "rw,noauto" and pass to 0 for the two I don't want mounted or fscked?

See "man 5 fstab":

        If the option ``noauto'' is specified, the file system will not
        be auto-matically mounted at system startup.


        If the sixth field is not present or is zero, a value of zero is
        returned and fsck(8) will assume that the file system does not
        need to be checked.

Thanks for the reply.
I read both fsck and fstab pages.. I just wanted to make sure that I was reading the man pages correctly..

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