> Well I hate when people say this, but I'm going to say it.. :)
> When I did a default install of ubuntu, it saw all 4 gigs without a
> hitch. So does that mean it already includes PAE, or something else ?

One of those two.  You sure you didn't install a 64-bit version of Ubuntu?

Fairly sure :)

> Aside, I will read up on PAE.  I'll read up about 64 bit as well, I've
> been hesitant to make the jump only cause any word of mouth i've heard
> said  that it's not ready for production. Maybe that's off base, it's
> only what "i've heard"

We're deploying a lot of 64 bit stuff around here.  Our experience has
been that the OS is as solid on amd64 as it is on i386.  Server applications
are the same.  There are, however, a lot of desktop applications that are
still flaky on 64-bit -- mostly non-mainstream ones.  We got in a crunch
and had to reinstall a workstation back to i386 because of it, or I would
have filed some bug reports.

Yeah, that's likly true what you say about server vs desktop. I'm
going to slap a 64 bit copy on now and see how it does.

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