I finally got natd and ipforwading set up but have a slight problem I don't understand.

The IP forwarding works from the internet, through the cable modem and through the freeBSD router I set up for my internal network, to a www server on the private lan.

I can't connect to my server however from my local net using the ip of the external net.

I was asking some folks I know for help.. when they told me what the page had on it... so it was working for them on their systems from various places around the country.. but still gives me a connection refused when going from a local machine.

I gave them the ip my ISP gives me.. and it worked.. I try the same IP and it doesn't work from my 192.168.0.* box, which by the way is the same box with the www server on it I am trying to connect to.
( I can connect to it using the local ip and machine name, but that's not the point ) ;)

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance. :)


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