Thanks everyone, and especially a big thank
to awesome Ariff Abdullah who solved it and
confirmed it was software-based on this laptop!

Lion Tanker wrote:
In my previous many laptops, whenever I plug in the earphone, the laptop speaker
would stop (and I would only hear music through the earphone)
With my newest laptop (Acer Aspire 5050), the laptop speaker stays on no-matter-what.
I would hear the same music in both the speaker and the earphone.

Ariff Abdullah wrote:
Yes, it is done purely in software i.e the driver.
Basically the hardware will notify the driver whether
it can sense anything that is plug in or out, and the driver
must be made ready to handle such situation: mute/unmute
specific pin that connect to headphone plug or speakers.

Ariff will commit the extra check into 7-CURRENT,
so other users with Acer Aspire 5050 (or laptops like it)
won't have to suffer the confusion I did.


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