Patrick Dung wrote:
 > Suppose I have mistype a command:
 > # route add

So you swapped gateway and netmask.  Nasty mistake.  :-)

It's usually better to use CIDR notation (with a slash
followed by the number of network bits), to avoid any
confusion.  It's also less typing.
# route add

 > There is a strange routing table and I am unable to remove it unless
 > reboot:
 > 192.168.0&0xc0a80301      UGS         0       86   fxp0

How did you try to remove it (exact comand line, please),
and what was the error message that you got?  You should
enter exactly the same line you used to add the route,
only replace "add" with "delete".

It works fine for me, so I assume you did a syntax error
when trying to remove it.

Best regards

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