Using ipfw and/or NAT, has anyone ever succeeded in getting stunnel to bind
transparently to a local address?

I have been experimenting with the alias function for the NIC, and used ipfw
and NAT to divert in all directions I could wiz. But stunnel always regards
the address as belonging to localhost, and fails to bind transparently. :(

What I want, is to allow a secure connection to read news over. But not so
that stunnel's failure to bind transparently breaks the access.db (as, from
the news server's point of view, all seems to come from localhost).

I know the Linux kernel allows transparent binding (locally). But I thought
maybe on FreeBSD I could "fake" a remote to bind to, which is really a local
address (on the same machine).

I am beginning to think this is not really possible; but one can always
hope. :)

- Mark

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