On Jan 12, 2007, at 1:18 PM, Garrett Cooper wrote:
1. Can I bypass mounting or reading certain sections of the filesystem?

Sure, if you boot off some other device or a CD-ROM.

2. Can I force part of a drive to be remapped to other sectors?

Yes, but it is likely that modern drives will have automatically reassigned failing sectors already, until it ran out of spare sectors. If you've got an older SCSI system, you might try running your adaptor's BIOS utility and having it do a device verify; that will encourage the drive to remap problematic sectors.

3. Is there a backup superblock on the disk and what would it be? I know this feature exists on some filesystems, but I'm not sure if UFS is one
of those filesystems.

There are many backup superblocks kept on the disk; "fsck -b 32" will try using the first alternate, but there will be others scattered about. You can run "dumpfs" to locate more, I believe.

        The reason for these questions is that I believe that the
portion of my failing hard disk is involved with the statistics portion
for the data slice or a series of directories. So, I want to grab the
files off my disk and just dump the thing asap.

OK. You might try doing a block-copy with dd to a new drive, and then trying to fsck or repair the data on that copy rather than trying to fix the filesystem on the failing drive...


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