Andrew Gould wrote:
> Strategic planning will be starting soon at my new place of employment, and 
> I'd like to setup a place on our intranet to facilitate discussions and 
> planning prior to meetings to reduce meeting times and make meetings more 
> productive.  This would be a new activity for this organization, so we'll 
> start with just our own office.  User permissions will be needed for security.
> I've used bulletin boards before (phpbb); but they don't seem to be well 
> designed for group editing of documents.  I've noticed that wiki's have 
> become very popular; but I'm not sure how well they facilitate discussions.
> Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Andrew L. Gould
I installed Apache and on FreeBSD.
You have to install it in cgi-bin, create group www, and look at httpd.conf
to see where files should be.  I also used it to create a website....

There are tons of wikis available. The most famous is MediaWiki for
Wikipedia.  But oddmuse is only one Perl script that works anywhere.

MoinMoin has a nice balance between eyecandy and ease of use. You see it
on some open-source sites. I also like DokuWiki

Since it is so easy to create wiki pages, the challenge is to prevent a
spaghetti-ball forming. Read all about it starting at where it all started
Also, a wiki is social software which some people are shy about using.
Setting one up is like boiling a frog,  you have to do it slowly.

For minutes of meetings you can setup a mailing list like this one but
in notification mode.

For documentation, several dedicated wikis can be setup. Think about
a page naming scheme that is consistent for your purpose.


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