I tried port knocking thing with Linux box,

Port knocking is a technique whereby attempting to connect to port A
enables access to port B from that same host.

Port knocking can be the solution for this. Tried with Linux iptables
only, I wonder if the similar thing can be done on beastie IPF, I am
very new with FreeBSD. But port knocking on Linux I tried and worked

For a basic layout I am giving this link(this is based on Iptables - but
can give a basic layout for implementing the same thing on Beastie).

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 22:43 +0100, VeeJay wrote:
> I am reading many hundred lines similar to below mentioned?
> Could you please advise me what to do and how can I make my box more secure?
> Jan  9 17:54:42 localhost sshd[5130]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo
> for bbs-83-179.189.218.on-nets.com [] failed - POSSIBLE
> Jan  9 17:54:42 localhost sshd[5130]: Invalid user sysadmin from

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