I did not find an answer in the docs or mailinglistarchive...

I'm trying to install FreeBSD 5.0 RC3 an my Digital Alpha 1000 (AS1000).

I can boot to the textmenu, but the hds can't be seen (RAID-Controller
Mylex DAC960).

The drivers.flp can't be used in this menu. I tried to load the
kernelmodules before the textmenu pops up with the 'load' command.
I can see the drivers e.g. mlx.ko, mlx.dsc on the disk with ls, but
'load' tells me 'can't find xxx'.

How does it work ?

There is no menuentry in the textmenu where I can load drivers, at least
I did not find it....

(4.7. does not load, it stops after the first disk with 'kernel stack
not valid halt' / 4.6.2 sees my hds but not my cdrom and the
ftp-over-proxy install gets the lists, but finishs with io-error)

Thanks and regards,


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