I've been using ksh with the "vi" keybindings for several years now
(changed from csh). I've even been able to get this working on former
FreeBSD machines, by downloading the ksh from the ATT&T site.

I've now got a 4.7 STABLE machine, and I'm trying to get this to work with
either it's ksh, or ksh93 (which I thought would be the same as the ATT&T
version, since it's code is now free). But so far I've not been able to get
this to work.

To be specific, what I want is to be able to press [ESC} and be in the ex
(line mode) editor on the command history. I dragged over a set of . files
from a working FreeBSD machine, that has the ATT&T version, but it's still
not working on this machine. It's been _way_ too long since I set this up
to remember how I got it working.

Where should I start looking? What environment variables control this, and
what should the be set to?

Thanks for help on this.

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