One of my customers ordered a bunch of nVidia nForce405-based desktop boxes (ASROCK AM2NF6G-VSTA) and some of them are supposed to be running FreeBSD 6.2. FreeBSD 6.2 seems to have problems with the identification of the NIC (although I use the nve() driver), obviously neither nfe() nor nve() do support the built in NIC (is it different from the one used by the other nForce4 based motherboards or is it simply an identification issue?).

The other question regards to Xorg/X11 support. It also seems that the Xorg 6.9 Server's "nv" nVidia driver does not support/recognize the integrated chipset, but when Xserver dumps its moans about a missing driver I see GeForce 6100/6200 and some nForce420 chipsets supported, unfortunately not nForce405. Is there a solution underway?

Ubuntu Linux seems to run fine on those boxes (although I did not do deeper investigations because I'm not familiar with Linux and the point is I need to run the boxes as 64Bit only for some development purposes).

I appreciate any comments and maybe workarounds,
O. Hartmann

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