On Jan 15, 2007, at 3:56 AM, Bachilo Dmitry wrote:

I keep getting g_vfs_done():ar0[READ(offset=200048066560, length=16384)]error
= 5
I put this disk out of server and tested it with mhdd software - nothing. Put it back and still getting this string. I can't get what's wrong, everything
works, but this error flows in my /var.log/messages

Should I try dd if=/dev/ar0 of=/dev/ar0 ?
Or maybe something else?
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Most likely either your HDD, the controller it's attached to, or the cable it's connected with is failing. Depending on what steps you use to troubleshoot, you may or may not discover what the issue is (or may not discover it in a timely manner). On the really off-hand chance it could be an issue with the way the driver has been programmed, but I would only say this is a problem with newer chipsets or technologies, or drivers (directly or indirectly) being modified in -CURRENT.
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