Gary Kline wrote:
 > Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
 > > Watch out for shells with funny 'expansion rules', like csh(1) :)
 > > [...]
 > Man!  truer words, (&c)... .  One o the very few suggestions 
 > left for improving shells [ and/or subshells ] is a flag, 
 > say '-N' which would have *nothing* to be escaped.  In other 
 > words a '$' or '"' would be interpreted literally.

Everything between single quotes (') is taken literally
and does not need to be escaped.  Except for the single
quote character itself, obviously, but that's not a big
deal anyway.

Best regards

PS:  I'm talking about standard bourne shell, of course
(a.k.a. /bin/sh, zsh, ksh or bash).  I recommend against
using csh or tcsh.

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