Jay Chandler wrote:
linux quest wrote:
I have a problem with the DNS setting in FreeBSD. Every 1 hour, I will not be able to ping google.com (because I need to type in my ISP's DNS into /etc/resolv.conf) May I know what is the best solution for this, so that I do not have to type in my ISP's DNS to the resolver all the time? Perhaps, should I set a static IP configuration? If so, may I know which file should I modify?
Their DNS changes hourly? What the heck ISP are you using that pulls such things?

Or do you mean to say that you're on DHCP, and when it renews the lease it clears out DNS info?
1. Could we see any relevant options in rc.conf related to network configuration (interface_*, dns, DHCP, etc).
2. Could you provide your /etc/resolv.conf?
3. Have you tried contacting your ISP about this? Maybe their DHCP settings are skewed.
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