seeing laptops without serial ports, I was wondering if FreeBSD would know who to use 
a "USB to Serial Cable" (like, fo eg, http://www.usbgear.com/usa/item_288.html - USB 
to Serial RS-232 DB-9 Adapter Cable 6ft).

then, is it another USB thing that gets specific thing over the USB part (like Archos 
JukeBox gets ISD-200 under the USB umass part ; and then you need FreeBSD support for 
this is to ask, do I have to buy the "USB to Serial cable" of a specific brand or 
doesn't this matter like it doesn't for normal serial cable or RJ45/Network cable ?

same questions for things like DELL racks/docks - does anyone have it working with 
FreeBee ?

Thanks for answers,

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