On Monday 15 January 2007 12:22, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Jay Chandler wrote:
> > linux quest wrote:
> >> I have a problem with the DNS setting in FreeBSD. Every 1 hour, I
> >> will not be able to ping google.com (because I need to type in my
> >> ISP's DNS into /etc/resolv.conf) May I know what is the best solution
> >> for this, so that I do not have to type in my ISP's DNS to the
> >> resolver all the time? Perhaps, should I set a static IP
> >> configuration? If so, may I know which file should I modify?
> >> Thanks.
> >
> > Their DNS changes hourly?  What the heck ISP are you using that pulls
> > such things?
> >
> > Or do you mean to say that you're on DHCP, and when it renews the
> > lease it clears out DNS info?
> 1. Could we see any relevant options in rc.conf related to network
> configuration (interface_*, dns, DHCP, etc).
> 2. Could you provide your /etc/resolv.conf?
> 3. Have you tried contacting your ISP about this? Maybe their DHCP
> settings are skewed.
> -Garrett

i would also recommend you take a look at /etc/dhclient.conf (and man page).  
i edited mine to prevent alternate DNS settings that i put into my 
resolv.conf file from being overwritten by the DHCP server each time i renew 
my lease.

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