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Dear Jay,

Thanks. That is exactly what I mean (sorry not explaining it properly). My network is DHCP enabled. When the lease expired, the resolver is also cleared out. Any ideas how I can configure a static DNS IP?

Here is what I think may work (Please correct me if I am wrong)... Perhaps I should configure a static IP on this client using FreeBSD. May I know how can I do that, and at the same time, I would also like to disable DHCP enable settings.

Thanks again.

Linux Quest

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I have a problem with the DNS setting in FreeBSD. Every 1 hour, I will not be able to ping google.com (because I need to type in my ISP's DNS into /etc/resolv.conf) May I know what is the best solution for this, so that I do not have to type in my ISP's DNS to the resolver all the time? Perhaps, should I set a static IP configuration? If so, may I know which file should I modify?


Their DNS changes hourly?  What the heck ISP are you using that pulls
such things?

Or do you mean to say that you're on DHCP, and when it renews the lease
it clears out DNS info?

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Secret I'm guessing is just to..
1. Setup your Win2k3 install properly, network-wise. If you clicked the interface, went to TCP/IP settings, properties, then scrolled down to the DNS section you can setup the DNS server IPs statically so this doesn't occur all the time. 2. Set the vmware preferences up so the IP would be static behind the NAT with the information in the NAT and then setup your info in / etc/rc.conf properly (search for interface_ in man rc.conf).
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