This is not exactly a question rather it is wrapup for a
series of questions.  I had a tricky, confusing problem
getting FreeBSD on the net but I was able to solve it
with help from this list.. Ian Smith in particular.

The DHCP lease from my ISP set the nameserver
address as being, the IP of some box
which connects me to to net.  Correct me if wrong,
but whois would not reveal a nameserver IP in this
form for a net host.

Linux accepted this but FreeBSD-6.1 had 10 second
delays in TCP connects for mail and web pages.
This does not imply a problem with BSD. It
probably implies that Linux is more tolerant of
loosely configured web services.  But in the
world of security it's "casual configuration
considered harmful".

I spent many hours reading and testing before
hitting on a solution in dhclient.conf. I think this
would be  discouraging for most FreeBSD newbies.
But making setup a no-brainer does not seem
possible. It is difficult to provide a quality,
standards-compliant OS unless all net-citizens
share that focus on quality.

Just my 2cents.


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