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Is it possible to install (instead of upgrading) FreeBSD from my local CVS repository? Looking to find a good way to automate installations, and figured I'd start there.

Sure, it's possible. You'd have to build a working system from the sources on a FreeBSD system, and then install them to the target disk somehow (perhaps temporarily install the drive in the working FreeBSD system long enough to do the install).

In practice, people normally install from a CD image they've burned, and perform source-based updates after that.


Crikey, that'd be a pain in the arse.

Gotcha, install from ISO...

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You do need a target system/setup, but someone recently suggested setting up a /usr share via NFS (look back in the archives about 2~3 days), where if you switched the symlinks to several files and ran make install with the /usr/obj mounted (or the relevant sharename setup under /etc/rc.conf), you could install to another PC from an NFS share.

What your asking (or similar things) is not impossible, but just a little more difficult to setup at first, and eventually should get easier. You can also make CDs with your distro files setup, and then configure everything on the fly essentially. In regards to that, there was another answer posted recently about making bootable CDs (look back in the archives < ~2 weeks) that linked to the relevant freebsd.org article on how to accomplish that.

Also, you can install from NFS shares, which may be helpful if you have an NFS server setup with a repository ;). However, NFS shares with FreeBSD servers can be a pain in the arse sometimes, as I discovered when I tried to reinstall from an NFS repository recently. However, your experience (hopefully) will not be as bad as mine and maybe setting up / mapping root properly will solve your issues :).

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