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Dear FreeBSD Communities,

Lets say, I wanted to create a Perl script to execute a very simple nmap command as listed below, may I know how do I do it?

unix# nmap

I know we need to save it in .pl extension. May I know what else I need to do?

I have researched and google this for the entire week, but I still can't find the solution. For example in Windows, all I need to do is to type "nmap" and save it in a text file with the extension .bat - and everything will be taken care of.

I hope someone can share with me the simple coding to solve this problem.

Thank you so much, guys :)

Linux Quest

Linux Quest

If you just want to see if a host is up..


/usr/bin/ping -c 1

..would suffice. Substitute /usr/bin/ping -c 1 for whatever command and arguments you want to run. Google "beginner bash manual" (note that it's for bash--the bourne again shell, not bourne shell--sh), but many of the same semantics in bash applying to sh.
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