First, let me profusely apologize if this is a dual post, as I tried to post two days ago and never saw it come up on the list. Trying now with a free webmail account.

Did a clean buildworld, installworld, etc. etc. on a 4.5-RC1 system up to 4.7-STABLE release. Everything went through fine, no problems.

Rebuilt kernel and installed the new 4.7 GENERIC kernel, no problems.

Ran mergemaster, did a MAKEDEV, no problems.

Rebooted.. and problems. Upon boot, it tries to load up the root partition off of /dev/ad4s1a (which is correct), but brings up a "Mount boot failure: 16" error, and asks for a good ufs root location. Typing in ufs:/dev/ad4s1a does no good.

IDE controller = Highpoint HPT370 onboard = ar0.
IDE drives = 2x IBM 60gig mirrored = ad4, ad5.

Eventually, had to boot to 4.5-RC1 kernel which came up fine on /dev/ad4s1a. The problem is, everything else is 4.7 now, so there's lots of weirdness.

The problem is in the kernel? No more support for Highpoint controllers? Is there something else I should be doing in /dev besides a MAKEDEV std?


Aaron Lewis

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