thank you guys for reply... very useful... :-)

so for you guys who have experiecen with this cpu, do you really "feel" it??


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> how much faster will a duo core CPU gives me when
> running freebsd, nothing optimised..

How much faster than what....


ok, without being a smart-arse anymore. :) Not sure how much faster a duo
core version of the SAME single core CPU, on a SAME motherboard with SAME
HD, bus,etc would be.... but, FWIW, from the mouth of some Intel Exec in a
Virtualisation conf. in Sydney late last year, they say they achieved about
increased speed with a duo core, using the same amount of power as for a
core. If wanted to achieve double the speed, the power consumption would be
much bigger that it wouldn't be worth it.  I found that interesting.


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