On Tue, Jan 16, 2007, Don O'Neil wrote:
>Anybody have any clues why a shell script run from root's CRON would act
>differently then when run directly from the command line?

Most often this is because the environment in the cron job is
different, either missing variables or having variables that
aren't set to a reasonable value (e.g. TERM).

The way I usually figure something like this out is to dump the
envioronment from the cron job, then do the same thing from the
command line, then compare the two.

# this is the cron job
env | sort > /tmp/env.cron

Now from the command line ``env | sort > /tmp/cron.cli''.

Now run something like ``diff -u /tmp/env.cron /tmp/cron.cli'' to
see what is different.

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