On Jan 17, 2007, at 12:04 AM, Oliver Iberien wrote:

I am logged in as oliver. I have two extra partitions mounted. Below is the
section of devfs.conf that has to do with them:

#Allow access to the second disk
own     /dev/ad1s2c     oliver:wheel
perm    /dev/ad1s2c     0666
own     /disk2          oliver:wheel
perm    /disk2          0666

#Allow access to disk3
own     /dev/ad2s2c     oliver:wheel
perm    /dev/ad2s2c     0666
own     /disk3          oliver:wheel
perm    /disk3          0666

And the permissions that display are:

$ ls -l / | grep disk
drw-rw-rw-   3 oliver  wheel      2048 Jan 16 23:13 disk2
drw-rw-rw-   6 oliver  wheel       512 Dec 21 23:01 disk3


$ mkdir /disk2/storage
mkdir: /disk2/storage: Permission denied

Although as a superuser, it works.

$ sudo mkdir /disk2/storage

What is going on?



Missing executable permission (required for viewing directories / executing binaries, scripts)? Try 0775 (that's a decent permissions setup--read, write, exec for oliver and wheel group; read, write for all) or 0770 (read, write for oliver / wheel group, permission denied for all) or something similar. You can also run chmod or chown as root to set things up properly, instead of with /etc/devfs.conf (if you don't mind that).
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