freebsd wrote:
This (multiple A records) works for me, at least approximately. Both
Bind and MS DNS will round robin when multiple A records exist for the
same hostname. What is your setup?

FreeBSD 6.2 with Sendmail (initially) and now postfix.
MS DNS with round robin (and TTL set to 0 on the records).
Resolving with nslookup gives something like:

If I kill then it goes on the second one. But this is failover, and I need (approximately) load balancing. I understand this is related to the MTA and not to the OS, but hopefully someone solved this problem using Sendmail or Postifx that are both used on FreeBSD.

What happens if you do multiple dig/nslookups for smarthost.domain.tld. Are the records returned in a different order each time? If not the problem may be at the NS.

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