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Hello Family,

Hmm, in doing installs with more than one install iso (disk-1 and
disk-2) via NFS I'm not clear on the instructions where it states to
simply "copy the FreeBSD distribution files..."


(A) Would that mean to copy the files from both install disks into one
common directory then export the directory via NFS?

Yes. That's the purpose of NFS installs. Directory heirachy (from the
release's directory), needs to be maintained though.

So the base directory would be similar to what's seen in
<ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/i386>, where you'd have to create a directory name that matches the release, then download all the items to your subdirectory on the NFS share under the release directory that you want to
install (i.e. 6.2-RELEASE/base, etc).

Many people would just download their files from the FTP site and copy it to their NFS share as I described above. That's what the handbook means AFAIK.

Thanks Garrett,

Now, just to confirm one thing...

On my NFS server I now have an exported directory called:


Inside of that directory I have the full contents (not an iso image) of
the first install disk of FreeBSD-6.2, so far so good?

Now, for the remaining data on disk-2, which has a duplicate file like
disk-1 has called:


and a duplicate directory like disk-1 called:


I figured I can rsync the second CD's contents of /packages into the
main tree but what about the conflicting two files both named
"cdrom.inf" ?

Will the installer be intuitive enough to not prompt for second CD when
looking for files that would normally reside there?

The reason I say that is that if one chooses to install, let's say,
mtools or the linux software out of "emulators" on the main menu && you
put in the 2nd disk, it intuitively tells you that the packages are
"not" on disk-2, but disk-1.  So I'm thinking there is some residual
metadata that not only has the package name but the CD disk location
appended to in. Similar to the disk shuffling one had to to before when
ejecting and injecting multiple CD's for previous installs on lets say
6.0 or 6.1

Thanks  again Garrett
(B) Mount each ISO in a loopback then export the two loopbacked ISO's
under each other in an exported parent directory?


Not possible with the basic FreeBSD installer disk, but maybe it's possible with the FreeBSIE LiveCD, or a custom CD if you build in the relevant stuff for a rescue shell; you'd still need to get at the iso somehow though, and you'd have to make sure that ramdisk (that's the Linux name, but I forgot the FreeBSD name right now?) support in order to mount an ISO image compiled into
your kernel.



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Well, that's part of the reason why I suggested copying stuff over to NFS from the FTP site, because the FTP site has all of the data that you need and none of the data that you don't need when setting up an NFS install. So, basically just refer to the FTP, check which files you need to install (base, etc), then later you can run sysinstall when you boot for the first time into multiuser mode (choose Post Installation Configuration, or whatever it's titled) to install the packages you like.
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