> > The command to calculate md5 sums is 'md5', not 'md5sum',
> > and it is part of the base.
> > Not sure why apropos md5 shows md5sum and gmd5sum (g for gnu?),
> > maybe it's from a port.
> > I also suspect that gmd5sum is a link to md5sum or vice versa.

gmd5sum is indeed from a port, but md5sum does not exist at all
on my system, either as an executable or as a manpage.  md5 does
exist, as both an executable and a manpage.  Either md5 or gmd5sum
can be used to verify downloads; as someone else mentioned they
produce the same results (although formatted differently).

> The coreutils package installs the GNU utilities that form the
> basis of Linux distributions - grep, chmod etc.  Since most of
> these names clash with the FreeBSD base system, the binaries all
> get renamed with a "g" prefix. The GNU docs still internally
> refer to them with their original names e.g. "man gmd5sum" will
> refer to md5sum

It still seems like a bug that apropos includes "md5sum(1)" in its
output, when no such manpage exists.
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