John Nielsen wrote:

> I installed FreeBSD on an Ultra 5 sometime last year and I had Firefox
> (probably 1.5 or earlier) working just fine. 

Lucky you! :-)

> I don't have the machine up right now to tinker with, though.

That would have been an interesting test.
> Are you running the latest -stable on the box?

Yes (as of 2 days ago).
> If you don't get enough help on this list, you could also try the sparc64
> list. It's true that some things in the sparc64 port don't get tested as
> much as they do in other ports of FreeBSD, but there are enough users that
> common programs such as Firefox should be expected to work.

Apart from your post, there wasn't anything else. :-(
I'll try the other mailing list.

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