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How-to build/make/install

{disclaimer}...I've been using FreeBSD for about a year, so while I
consider myself still a n00b, I'm just not a complete n00b :) OS:

I really need some help building a package for install (if that's the
correct terminology).

hobbitmon is the next re-named version of big brother

I have downloaded the tar.gz file into /usr/local/etc
I extracted the tar using:

       don-bsd# tar xvfz file.tar.gz

then I cd in to the directory
       don-bsd# cd /usr/local/etc/hobbit-4.2.0

The directory listing is as follows:

       don-bsd# pwd

[SNIP filelisting]

The README says to simply
       don-bsd# ./configure
       don-bsd# make
       don-bsd# make install

However, when I type ./configure  from /usr/local/etc/hobbit-4.2.0

       don-bsd# ./configure

       Configuration script for Hobbit

       This script asks a few questions and builds a Makefile to compile Hobbit

       Checking your make-utility
       GNU make is required to build Hobbit.
       If it is available as "gmake", run configure as: 'MAKE=gmake


Help please, Thanks

Have you had a look in the ports tree to see if you can find Hobbit there?
Otherwise, gmake is available from ports/devel/gmake, just do cd
ports/devel/gmake and make install clean and then you've got it.
Then you do MAKE=gmake ./configure-server or whatever in the source
catalog for hobbit.
The thing that might be weird is that FreeBSD installs ports in
/usr/local/[bin,sbin] by default, you'll proably end up with hobbit in
/usr/[bin,sbin] if you don't install it from ports. See if you can
find a configure parameter to set the install directory to where you
want to install hobbit.
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