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On 2007/01/18 14:24, Greg Albrecht seems to have typed:
> threading of messages. this allows me to see each reply to a
> message after the original message, in succession. i understand that
> different people configure and use their email clients in different
> ways, but why is there such a pandering towards one versus the other.

I think the bigger problem is when a few people do it one way and
everyone else does it another way.    The consensus on this list has
been time after time, "bottom-posting".  Nothing is harder to read or
interpret who said what than when a couple "top-posts" and everyone else
"bottom-posts".  Also, as Greg (groggy)'s e-mail demonstrates,
"bottom-posting" fits well with the philosophy of answering each
question one by one as you flow down the message.  e.g.:

> Question 1

Answer 1

> Question 2

Answer 2

This is not possible (or not as clear) with "top-posting".

excelent point peter.

i'm hoping people will catch on to this just as soon as they stop
pulling into the crosswalk at a red lights, stop parking too close to
my car, stop putting recyclable plastic in the trash, stop throwing
their cigarette butts down the storm drain, stop feeding stray cats,
stop breaking into cars, stop buying goods produced in sweat shops and
most importantly stop voting republican.

*crossing my fingers*,

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