Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Tom Parquette <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Lowell Gilbert wrote:

Tom Parquette <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I'm getting an "Out of memory!" message from the mirror
(/usr/ports/ftp/mirror-2.9) port trying to update a large archive.
I've tried a number of things but I can't resolve this.
Any suggestions?
hitting a limits(1) limit?

I've been playing with this on and off for a few days.
Your question, I think, put me onto something.
I've been rerunning the mirror command with top running.
mirror fails with the memory size around 520m consistantly.
Limits gives me a datasize limit of 524288kb.  (Close enough for me!)
I've come to the conclusion that the man page would benefit from some
examples.  I've been trying to raise the datasize limit but it does
not seem to take.

Example: limits -B -d 4g mirror.sh... still blows up with memory
values, from top, around 520m (give or take a little.)

You've gotten me looking in the right area.  All I have to do now is
get the override to work.  Can anybody provide any insights on how to
actually do this?

You need to change the maximum limit; this is best done by modifying
login.conf(5) (and rebuilding the database).  One of the uses of these
limits is as a security issue, so the user can't raise the limits
above the given maximum level themselves.

At .5GB, though, you may be hitting a kernel limit; I know that
MAXDSIZ defaults to something like 128MB.  Getting to 4GB on a 32-bit
machine is probably not practical anyway.

I'd recommend using something more efficient than mirror, or at least
figuring a way to break the replication up into smaller pieces.  A
half-gigabyte is a ludicrous amount of memory space to be using for
any such task.  [I kind of suspect a memory leak in the application,
based on those numbers.]

Good luck.

Adding kern.maxdsiz="2147483647" to /boot/loader.conf fixed the problem.
Thanks to everyone on the list that provided input into my problem.

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