Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
> hello,
>>> The problem is I cannot add more RAM (too old machine to do that) but I
>>> know what to do to decrease the load a bit. So thanks for the pointer! I
>>> appreciate it!
>> You might also want to stop using mod_php in apache and convert to
>> fastcgi setup - this way you'll get all Apache processes to use a much
>> more reasonable amount, like ~~5MB - 8MB and a small number of php-cgi
>> processes that use ~~20MB or more, saving you memory in the end.
> Does this mean recompiling Apache? Or is it a question of httpd.conf? From
> what I understand it probably involves recompilation?

At most it would require recompilation of PHP (the main port, not the
extensions) and installing mod_fcgid. If you enabled CGI and FastCGI
during PHP build, you only need mod_fcgid.

See http://fastcgi.coremail.cn/configuration.htm#PHP for documentation.
(don't forget to remove mod_php from httpd.conf). Note that using
FastCGI is different in some important aspects from mod_php, so read up
on it if you haven't used it before.

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