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> i would recomend to hit ebay up for a nice late model logitech
> optical mouse. i just got my brother in law a 518 off ebay for $20,
> and thats one heck of a nice feeling mouse.  im sure it originally
> retailed for somewhere 39-59, as typical with logitech mice.

Thank you all for the wonderful information. I just returned from the
local Radio Shack, where for $19.99 I got the Logitech
opt-mse-931145-0403. The mouse has the number M-BT96a on the bottom, 30
day money-back warranty from the shack! This black 3 button-wheel mouse
worked right out of the box. I actually got 2, one for me, and one for
my wife, also running FreeBSD, and having cat-hair trouble with her
1-week old mouse.
This mouse has a ps2-adapter plug on the end of the wire, and, if you
remove it, the end becomes a USB plug. The docs say it can be a PS2, or
a USB mouse.
Thank you all for the advice, mice are now alive and well aboard the
Tamara B. 
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